Reselling Hosting on Windows

What are you actually offering when you market a web-hosting service? Is it bandwidth, and disk space, an IP address, a Domain Name Server, and email? Well, yes, but not really. Web hosting is about more than the sum total of its parts. Hosting is about reliability, security, and the tools that make web management both easy and transparent for your client, the end user. Web designers and IT consultants have recognized the advantages of host reselling for almost as long as there have been data centers offering shared accounts. Resellers enjoy the advantages of a sophisticated server farm staffed with savvy tech professionals with modest up-front costs. And the creation of formal programs and packages for resellers further simplifies the management of sub-accounts.

In the hosting environment marketers are presented with a variety of options. The basics may be similar for any package, but at the server level the software behind a reseller account can impact how a hosting service is sold. Branding matters and clients recognize companies like Microsoft and its associations in a way that they may not recognize Unix or a Linux distribution. Windows is Windows and everybody knows the name.

Reselling Windows Hosting offers a variety of advantages to both the vendor, and to the end client. The Windows Web Platform based on Windows Server 2008, and MS SQL Server 2008 is a complete package with all of the tools needed to provide a one-stop solution for an end user’s website needs. Host remarketers can manage client sub-accounts through a single control panel. ASP.Net and ASP with its scripting advantages are ideally suited for the Windows Hosting environment.

MS SQL is an industry standard in data management and its reputation for robust reliability as a database solution is a strong selling point for the Windows Hosting platform. The Windows Web Platform integrates enterprise solutions into its basic functions and uses Active Directory protocols and technology. Scalability under Windows allows both reseller and end user to grow a site while minimizing down time.

As a reseller partnering with a data center and host service offering a Windows Web platform you clients will be the real winners with access to the latest tools and upgrades. As add-on services are easily implemented under Windows, up-selling basic hosting can contribute to your bottom line. Support for Windows Host tools, like all Microsoft products are straightforward and far less esoteric than Linux. Documentation is readily available from your host partner, from Microsoft, and across the web.

Ultimately Host Reselling is a means of marketing rather than a technology, and subject to the demands of the marketplace. Overselling the resell market is always a danger, resulting in unsustainable price points for the web host and the reseller alike. As a reseller, in selecting a Windows Host web host do your homework. Your clients want and need stability and reliability, and your success as a Windows Host Reseller will depend in part on both knowing your customers and their requirements and knowing, at least by reputation the host with whom you partner. Windows is only one element of your success.