Linux PHP Vs Windows ASP Web Hosting Comparison

When choosing whether not to use Linux PHP or Windows ASP web hosting, there are a couple of things to consider. The fist thing you need to take into account is the fact if you’re going to be using a static webpage, you will either be using Window or Linux hosting. This could go for blogs or WordPress sites. This is because these only utilize CSS and HTML, which are supported well by either operating system.

When you need to have great content for your website such as ecommerce applications, discussion forums or even different kinds of scripting, you would be better off paying attention to the type of web platform your are going to use. Linux servers will use scripts that are based on Perl or PHP.

These scripts are commonly found in Drupal, WordPress and Joomla among other blogging management applications. Windows servers will use scripts that are written in ASP. With either choice, your MySQL databases are going to work fine. In today’s digital age, cross-platform scripting can be used with ASP or Linux, however, this is all based on web host that your site uses. There is one small exception though. PHP can run on either of these systems, but Linux scripting is preferred on a Linux server.

The biggest preference around for laptop users is the Linux system. This is because Linux hosting is a lot more secure than Windows hosting. That would not be an issue if you weren’t connecting to various networks in order to get to your control panel. For speed, there is not a clear winner. Some applications will work faster on Windows and some will run smoother on Linux. If you are investing in either of these with specific applications in mind, check out of the discussion forums about that application and the speeds on either server.

As for cost, Linux is usually a lot less to run simply because it is an open source system. Most of the applications are licensed under GNU licenses so they are free of cost. When you invest in a Windows server, you must pay for the operating system and other applications that the provider is paying to Windows to use. If you’re focusing much of your decision on PHP, ASP is definitely the winner when it comes to speed. The problem with this the fact that learning ASP can set you back for days or months.

So when you’re deciding what you need for your online store or website, take into account the various aspects of each. Are you willing to put in the time and effort of learning ASP? If not, then you will want to go with a Linux system. If you’re primary concern is with financial issues, then going with the Linux system would also be a choice worth considering. Nobody wants to pay additional cost for something they could get for free, but you always get what you pay for.

If you feel more comfortable working on a Windows application, then you will definitely want to go with a Windows system. If you’re running an online store or business, you may want to go with the Linux system. One of the biggest problems with having an online business is the threat that your customer’s personal information may be at risk. Going with a Linux system could prove invaluable to protecting the identity of your clients. Choose your system carefully and always read through online forums and customer reviews before you make your decision.