Cpanel Tutorials – How To Avoid Spam Using SpamAssasin

Spam Assassin is a program that is designed to filter spam e-mails by using content matching rules. Spam Assassin uses more than one method to avoid spam. For example, Spam Assassin uses DNS based spam detection, Checksum based spam detection, and even Bayesian filtering. Other methods include blacklisting and white listing.

Spam Assassin is based on Perl. It filters all types of spam messages by obeying a very large set of rules. However, it is possible to configure Spam Assassin. It can be configured in order to determine whether or not certain types of mail or spam or not. You can configure Spam Assassin to determine whether e-mails are spam by looking at the subject, the body, and the “from” fields in the message. Other techniques to configure Spam Assassin through CPanel include blacklist and white list. You can also automatically delete spam messages or automatically send suspected spam messages to a different folder.

Using Spam Assassin with CPanel

You can access Spam Assassin through your CPanel account by going to the home page of your CPanel account. Once you have done this, you need to click on the icon labeled as “SpamAssassin.” Then go to mail. Click on the icon labeled “enable spamassassin.” Once you have clicked on this icon, you will receive a confirmation message. After you have enabled Spam Assassin, simply click on the “go back” icon. You can now configure Spam Assassin to your liking.

How to Configure Spam Assassin through CPanel

Configuring Spam Assassin through your CPanel account is a simple process. However, it can become overwhelming. This is mainly because there are so many available options for you. For example, if you want all of the e-mail messages that are identified as spam to go into the spam folder, you hit the icon labeled as “enable spam box.” This is not where all of the Spam Assassin configuring takes place. After you hit this icon, you can click on “go back.” You will be brought to a page where you should see an icon that is labeled “configure spamassassin.” Clicking on this icon will allow you to change how aggressive Spam Assassin is when examining your e-mail. You can decide what e-mails you actually receive and what e-mails are automatically deleted.

When you are trying to configure your Spam Assassin account, you should keep in mind that Spam Assassin scores every e-mail on a plane of one to ten. The higher the e-mail’s score is, the higher the chance is of the e-mail being spam. You can make a setting of one through ten for Spam Assassin. This will determine how thorough Spam Assassin is when examining e-mail. A setting of five or six usually gives you optimum performance. When Spam Assassin is rated at six, all e-mails that are rated at six or more will be automatically deleted or automatically sent to your Spam box. If you set Spam Assassin at a higher setting, you are decreasing the chance of receiving an e-mail that could potentially be spam. This means that almost all of your e-mails will be useful in some way or another.

Available Spam Assassin Configurations

Many options allow you to configure Spam Assassin. For example, “Required Score” allows you to say that all e-mails scored at a certain number is automatically spam. The default setting is five.

“Rewrite Header Subject” allows you to add text to the subject line if an e-mail is marked as spam.

“Blacklist From” is a feature that allows you to enter e-mail addresses that will always be marked as spam. “White List From” is a feature that allows you to enter e-mail addresses that will never be marked as spam.

These available Spam Assassin configurations are designed to allow you to create a Spam Assassin program that works specifically for your needs. Once you understand how Spam Assassin works, it is easy for you to make it do what you want it to do.