VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server – How To Compare

Many men and women who start their first Web site hire a Web designer. The Web designer usually organizes a Web hosting account on a shared server. However, as the years pass, the Web site will continue to expand. It may bring in more visitors. When more visitors come, it will be time for the Web site owner to make a big decision. Would it benefit the Web site to get a VPS hosting account, or would it benefit the Web site to get a dedicated server? A shared hosting account has many different limitations. Upgrading to a VPS account or a dedicated server account could help the Web site grow and expand. If you do not know how to compare the two types of accounts, understanding what each account is could be of great help.

What a Virtual Private Server Is

When you are dealing with a VPS, or a virtual private server hosting account, you are given a fixed amount of bandwidth, a fixed amount of CPU usage, and a fixed amount of RAM. A virtual private server is almost like a shared hosting account. You are still sharing CPU usage with other virtual private server accounts. However, normal situations that would have affected your account before will not affect you now. For example, if the owner of another account decides to upload a bad script, you will not be affected. In addition, if the owner of another account uses too much RAM, you will not be affected. This is because each user already has a predetermined amount. It is a virtual server. It is not physical. While some things may affect your Web site, other more common things will not.

You also have your won mail queue. This means that if the owner of another virtual private server account sends out too many e-mails, your own virtual private server account is not affected. However, while some things may not affect your account, other things may cause your Web site to crash. It is important for you to understand that you still share the same hardware with other virtual private server accounts. If the main hard drive fails, then your Web site will stop working until the main hard drive starts working again. In addition, if the RAM on the main server fails for whatever reason, every VPS account will be affected.

You should consider these things before you choose a hosting account. Consider what will affect your Web site. In addition to these factors, you should also consider price. You may already know that a VPS account is significantly cheaper than a dedicated server account. Although virtual private server hosting may be more expensive than shared hosting, it could still be twenty percent of what dedicated server hosting will cost you. Price will depend on the amount of space and bandwidth you are interested in using up.

What a Dedicated Server Is

A dedicated server solves most of the problems that you will have with a virtual private server account. When you are a part of dedicated server hosting, you have complete control of what happens to your Web site. If something goes wrong, it is because of what you did. You have the freedom to upload whatever program or script you want to upload. What other people do on their dedicated server is of no concern to you. However, the problem with dedicated servers is the fact that you need to have more than just basic technical knowledge. When you rent a virtual private server, you do not have to maintain the server. When it comes to a dedicated server, you should have basic knowledge of server maintenance. In addition, dedicated servers usually require the UNIX or Linux operating system. These operating systems typically use a programming language that most people do not understand. If you do not want to deal with this responsibility, it is possible to take advantage of a managed dedicated server.