Prevent Or Reduce Spam on Cpanel Web Hosting Servers

Cpanel recognizes the epidemic that is spam. In response to this threat to their customers, they’ve added anti-spam features that help site owners keep spam out of their Inbox and in the trash where it belongs. Cpanel has offered these programs for years and they continue to make improvements on them with each new version of Cpanel that is released. Many site owners are thankful for the job that these programs do for them and their Web sites.

Most Cpanel hosts offer two Cpanel anti-spam services that you can choose from: Spamassassin and Box trapper. Both of these programs provide excellent protection from Spam.

SpamAssassin works differently from Box Trapper. Spam contains certain characteristics that SpamAssassin is programmed to detect. Based on its detection process, SpamAssassin assigns a score to each mail message and gives the site owner a warning when a spam message is strongly suspected. The site owner then has the option of making the mail safe to go through or blocking it then and in the future. These emails do make it to your Inbox but you open a message from SpamAssassin, not the actual sender of the email.

Box Trapper works much differently. With box trapper, your incoming emails that are suspected to be spam never reach your Inbox. They are instead “trapped” within the Box Trapper program. To see these messages, you must go to the Box Trapper program inside of Cpanel and determine whether or not these messages are spam. If they are, you can blacklist those messages permanently. If the messages aren’t spam and should have been delivered to your Inbox, you can whitelist those messages, allowing them to go through in the future.

These two very different programs perform one very useful function: Your site has a reduced risk of being hacked by bogus emails, your computer has a reduced chance of becoming infected with pesky viruses, and you can read important messages in your email that might have otherwise been overlooked because of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of spam messages. Anyone that has ever operated a Web site will testify that if you don’t have spam protection, you can literally receive thousands of spam messages a day, something that truly affects the effectiveness of your business or content. If you have to delete those messages, there’s a good chance that you’ll accidentally delete important messages sometime in the future.

Cpanel has added many new security features like this over the years, and they offer improved versions of Box Trapper and SpamAssassin as they become available. Programs like this are usually ever-evolving as spammers learn new tricks to fool site owners into opening their bogus messages. It’s always a comfort to know that the technology to stop spam is evolving as quickly as the technology to spread it.

Spam is one of the chief enemies of any site owner or email owner. Box Trapper and SpamAssassin can help more than just site owners, although Cpanel has made it a household name among site owners that want to protect their Web sites from spam.
When signing up for a new hosting account, make sure that you locate the email security features right away. They’re under the category “E-mail” and will instantly begin protecting your accounts from spam. You can have many email accounts with one hosting account, some hosts even have unlimited email accounts, but SpamAssassin and Box Trapper can protect all of your accounts.

If you have additional questions about Box Trapper and SpamAssassin, it’s in your best interest to contact your hosting provider. If you’re thinking of signing up for an account at a specific host, write to their support team first and make sure they offer good spam protection. Ask what programs they offer. If it’s SpamAssassin and Box Trapper, your site is in excellent shape. You’ll be able to check your email without worrying about viruses harming your Web site or computer.