How to Back-up Your Website with CPanel

It does not matter if you have just created your Website or if your Website is twelve months old. It is always important for you to have a backup of your Website. A lot of things can go wrong and you will need a backup to fix broken files. Once you sign up for a web hosting account, you will probably receive an e-mail that gives you directions on how to access your Website hosting control panel. Depending on whom your Website hosting provider is CPanel may provide your control panel. CPanel is just a control panel that allows you to perform certain administration acts with your Website. For example, CPanel can allow you to create a backup of your Website for your personal records.

Making a Back-up of your Website with CPanel

Before you can create a backup of your Website, you will need to login to the CPanel Website through your Website hosting provider. You can sign into your hosting account by entering the username and the password that your Website hosting provider gave to you. This is the only way that you will be able to access your CPanel account.

After you have logged into your account, you need to select the icon labeled as “Backup.” Next, select the icon labeled as “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup.” The program will ask you to give your e-mail address. Once you give your e-mail address, the system will alert you whenever the backup is actually complete. After you have given your e-mail address, hit the icon labeled as “Generate Backup.” You should leave the computer alone after you hit the button. This is mainly because you need to make sure that the program creates the backup properly. Although your Website server does most if not all of the work, the last thing that you want is a corrupted back-up file. After the backup is complete, you can go back to your control panel’s back-up tool. Select the back-up icon once again. You can now download the back-up files to your computer. You may need to use these files for a future reference. You can also use these files if you need to back-up your Website.

How to Restore a CPanel Back-Up

If you have made a backup of your Website before by using CPanel, you can restore that backup by following these steps. First, you will need to copy your current archived backup to the root directory of your domain. The root directory is usually located in C:inetpubwwwroot. This is if you are using a Windows application.

After you make a copy of your archived backup, you can open your internet browser. Use the Webhost port and type in the location of your domain. CPanel provides the Webhost port application. It allows you to manage all of your domains that are currently on hosting servers. Typical installations require you to type in the following address: “.com:2086”

Once you are there, you can enter the user name and password that is used to access administrative settings. Then click on the icon labeled “Backup.” This will open a list of any back-up files. This will include the archive that you copied into your directory. Click on the icon labeled “Restore a Full Backup/Cpmove File.”

Enter your user name and hit “Restore.” The user name that you use is the Website host client that you use to access the CPanel. This restores the information and files of your Website. These are simple directions. If you do it right, your Website should have all of the information that you previously backed up.


CPanel is an application created for those who host Websites. The designers designed CPanel in order to make things easier for people who create Websites. It is possible for users to control domain settings. Although CPanel allows a user to administrator settings, CPanel only allows a user to access his or her own domain.